Disciple Design was founded late in 1991 after a conversation with a fellow designer about the sorry state of design for churches and non-profit organizations. The idea was to help Christian organizations produce better materials so their message could be heard and understood.  It was an after-hours labor of love, since there wasn’t much money involved. After a year or so, it became apparent that a real need was there, and God was calling for Disciple to be a full-time affair. So, in a tiny step of faith, Disciple was officially opened after a weekend of assembling furniture in a newly rented loft. With no computer. And no clients. Fortunately, Disciple has grown steadily since that weekend, servicing every type of client from churches to non-profit organizatins to medical, banking and industrial clients. It seems even organizations not necessarily affliated with Christianity liked the way we went about doing their work. And we have computers now.

God has blessed us beyond any expectations, just as He promises in His Word. He has given us a great variety of work and loyal clients. All from a tiny step of faith. But we know that God is good, whether business is or not. And our primary mission remains the same: to help Christian organizations better communicate their message of hope to a hurting world.


We refer to ourselves as a “creative services firm”, for lack of a better definition. The fact is, we love to design stuff. From a logo to a package to an ad to a stained glass window (yes, we have designed several). We like working directly with clients to make sure we are able to understand and communicate the message in the clearest possible way. We have designers and writers and production people who are dedicated to what they do. And we have trusted partners for those unique projects that require specialized skills.


Make no mistake, we are passionate about design. But, in the end, it’s not about how cool things look. Or how many logos we have designed. It’s about sharing our love for Christ and what He has done for us in and through our work – no matter who the work is for. And what did He do for us? Christ died for us – you and me – to save us from our sin. We all sin, and sin must be punished. That punishment is death. But Christ took our punishment on the cross so that we could have eternal life by believing in Him. And that is really all it takes –  admitting our sin, trusting in what Christ did, and accepting the free gift of eternal life through grace. It’s not what we do, but what He has done. Then you can live your life as a thank-you to Christ. That’s it.

Craig Thompson



35+ years in the business of design. Still loving every minute of it (except maybe doing estimates). Still playing softball. BFA from University of Memphis. Lifelong Memphian who has been fortunate enough to travel a good bit of the world. Part-time documentary photographer (www.disciplephoto.com)

Philip Yount



A lifetime Mid-South native. Born in Memphis, grew up in Tipton county, graduated from University of Memphis and currently live just across the river in Marion, AR with my wife and daughter. Have been with Disciple since 2007. Do a little of everything on various projects, ranging from photo manipulation and layout composition to logo design and illustration. Enjoys nights out with family, loud music at high volumes, concerts, and tabletop/video gaming.

Jessalyn Rozzell



Raised in Mississippi, but now call Memphis home. BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Southern Mississippi. Continually working to broaden my skills and knowledge in design. I enjoy a good challenge, problem-solving, lettering, branding, photography, building websites [or (d) all of the above].  And always up for any adventurous endeavor.

Adrienne Mask



University of Memphis alum (Go Tigers!). Mississippi native. Die-lines, pretty paper, and Pantone colors are my favorite parts of design. Owner of the office dog, May. Coffee enthusiast and lover of books, particularly when they are together.




2 year old Boxer. Adrienne’s Medic alert dog for her Type 1 Diabetes. Enjoy eating, sleeping, sitting in peoples laps, and playing fetch. Also enjoy daily back rubs from Jessalyn, raiding Philip’s trashcan after lunch, and taking naps on Craig’s couch.