The year 2022 marks the 200th anniversary of Athens State University located in Athens, Alabama. This historic campus is on the National Register of Historic Places because its campus buildings were among the few in its area of the South to survive the ravages of the Civil War.

The college wanted to begin in 2018 with a capital campaign to restore several historic buildings on campus leading into the bicentennial celebration in 2022.

Our job was to help name and brand both efforts, and create all the materials necessary to communicate the upcoming anniversary and fundraising effort. Those materials included print collateral, two videos, a website, social media content, and other necessary graphic elements.


To accomplish the dual goals of fundraising and celebration, Disciple developed a series of marks for the college’s bicentennial – an overall mark for the anniversary (Athens Forever with the “Infinity 200” mark), and two secondary marks specific to the capital campaign and the bicentennial celebration.



The initial bicentennial book was created to spark interest in the 200th anniversary and educate audiences on the historical significance of the campus building and the college overall. The book also highlighted the recent progress and success of the college along with profiles of some of its graduates who have gone on to make major contributions to the community and society in general.

The color scheme developed with the brand was incorporated throughout the book as image overlays and graphic elements. The concept of using the iconic columns from the historic buildings as main imagery across all the materials is intended as a visual reminder of the solid foundation and historical significance of the campus.



The initial bicentennial book was follow by the capital campaign booklet, which provided details on specific funding goals for building restoration and listed endowment initiatives for other areas of the college.


We worked to direct and develop an overall video intended to increase awareness of the upcoming bicentennial and capital campaign in addition to a second video addressing the specific fundraising needs for restoring Brown Hall, a historic landmark on campus.


While the bicentennial book was being created, we worked with Athen’s in-house team to translate the content and design to the Athens Forever website. We built the website from the ground up, beginning with determining the content architecture and sitemap, then going through several iterations of the various page designs, finishing with a fully responsive WordPress website.