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23 Nov, 16

My yearly design rant


Ok, so I’m an old guy who has been in this business forever (maybe too long some would say). So take what I say with that in mind. And stop me if you have heard all of this before.

When I started in the design and advertising business, as an art director or designer you could not even get in the business if you could not draw. Everything was done by hand and the element of “craft” and principals learned in design education were essential to success. With the evolution of technology there are now a whole generation of folks (read between the lines: clients) who feel like they can do what designers do. After all, they have all the tools, right? Yeah. Right. Just like if you handed me a pipe wrench and pointed me toward the toilet that needs fixing. At the end of the day there is probably going to be a lot of crap to clean up. Having the tools is different from knowing the tools and, more importantly, knowing how to use the tools and the principals behind them. There are templates and formats and so many resources to “plug in” to these days, but without an understanding of why things are where they are, why they are certain colors, why the size relationships are what they are–and on and on–using these resources does not make for good, effective design. Like having a pipe wrench in my hand doesn’t make me a plumber (just ask my wife). It takes education, experience and sometimes just “having an eye” for what works and what does not. Yes, you can design your own web site, newsletter or brochure. But things like font choice, paper stock, brand integrity, etc. are design decisions best made by a real designer. Is the type too close to the edge? Should the photo be cropped differently to be more effective? Should an infographic be used instead? There are a lot of decisions a ready-made template cannot make for you. Do you really think it’s ok to just default to whatever the template dictates? Isn’t your business or organization unique? Don’t you want folks to know what separates you from your competitors or other similar organizations? Here’s a thought: instead of downloading a template, hire a real designer. And now excuse me while I call the plumber.

God bless.

Craig Thompson

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10 Feb, 16

Disciple Design covers Vandy Basketball


Disciple had the opportunity to work with Coaching for Literacy and Vanderbilt University on a unique project. A documentary film of the “Assistant Coach” experience that is one of the main fundraising tools for the non-profit CFL. The experience involves going behind the scenes of a basketball or football game, meeting the coaches, touring the locker room, sitting right behind the bench for the game, and attending the post game press conference. The funds raised from these events go to literacy programs in the cities the universities are located in. The film about the Vanderbilt experience is due out in early April.

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20 Feb, 15

Disciple Design featured in LogoLounge 9


The judging for LogoLounge 9 is complete, and Disciple Design’s logo for Lotos Health has been selected to be incuded in the newest volume. LogoLounge is made up of a community of professional designers that submit logos all throughout the year for consideration. Judges for this year were Kendrick Kidd of Shepherd Agency, Ian Paget of Logo Geek, Matt McCracken of Doublenaut, Sebastian Padilla of Anagrama, Tracy Sabin of Sabingrafik, Christopher Simmons of MINE, Matt Stevens of Design Office of Matt Stevens, and Alina Wheeler of Designing Brand Identity. This marks the 5th time a Disciple logo (or logos) has been selected for inclusion. This year was incredibly competitive with over 22,000 entries. The winning design features a mark made up of a lotus plant who’s outer petals take the shape of two hands cupping the plant. It is a simple and memorable mark that communicates the concept of wellness and health. The book is to be published and available for sale later this year.

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01 Mar, 14

Disciple Design wins Best of Show (Television) in Local Addy Awards


A broadcast campaign created by Disciple Design captured the “Best of Show” for television spots at the most recent Addy Awards. The campaign was created for Briarcrest Christian School in Eads, Tennessee. The cleverly simple spots feature students using a whiteboard to solve various problems–from science equations to diagrams of sports plays–and emphasizes the importance of not just knowing the answer but knowing the logic and reasoning that brings you to that answer. It is the latest installment in the overall branding of the school that emphasizes “balance” of mind, body and spirit. The spots were filmed in a local studio with the help of Edison Creative of Omaha, Nebraska. They will now go on to compete at the regional level of the Addy awards. Disciple also won Addys for Germantown Community Theatre.

Watch the full spots here.

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12 Feb, 14

Disciple Design Featured in LogoLounge 8


Disciple Design’s secondary logo, featuring a stylized head of Jesus, was selected for inclusion in the newest LogoLounge book to be published later this year. The competition had over 20,000 entries. LogoLounge is an online community of designers who submit work throughout the year for consideration and also for inspiration. Annually a distinguished panel of judges selects the best of the work for inclusion in the reference book, representing the best of branding for the year.

LogoLounge 8 should be available for sale in early fall.

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