Compassion International, an internationally respected almost seventy year old nonprofit organization. Compassion’s ministry is centered around the sponsorship of childern in order to lift them out of their circumstances to fulfill their full potential. As the brand expanded globally over the years to over 25 countries, consistency and unity became an issue. Disciple was called in to bring a global harmony and consistency to the brand. We began with a discovery process of what each region of the world was doing and teleconferences with key creatives in each area. We then began the process of developing a more unified look with refined fonts, color palletes, and guidelines for creating imagery and content for media that wasn’t around when the brand began. The result better reflects the global work of the brand and gives more flexibility in application.


Even though the primary logo was not to be touched, we were allowed to make a few minor refinements to make it easier to use and apply to the new brand guildelines.



The bulk of our work was invested in the Visual Standards Update, which is a guide for all global offices for usage of typography, color, photos and video, iconography and overall style. The branding is explained and demonstrated so that users of the guide have a full understanding not just of the guidelines, but the purpose of them and the power of a united global approach.



Simple clean iconography was very important, since Compassion works globally and has a great variety of programs and partners. Disciple developed a style and system for use of incongraphy that included guides for development of new incons as needed that could be submitted to the corporate office for approval and added to the overall bank of images.



Lastly, Disciple worked with the internal marketing department at Compassion to add a Brand section to their existing media site so that all global offices could have easy access to not only the brand guidelines, but the elements, fonts and icons that made up the essential elements of the new branding approach.