The majority of our work is with non-profit, faith-based organizations. One such organization, David C. Cook, approached Disciple desperate for an branding refresh. As a company over 100 years old, it had become perceived in the market as a sleepy, non-relevant developer of Sunday School materials. In fact, they had committed to sign on relevant, contemporary authors for their book and Sunday School divisions and needed to let the market know the new direction the company was taking. Unfortunately, they were having trouble getting “in the door”. Starting with a recommended name change from Cook Communication Ministries back to the original founding name, David C. Cook, we completely overhauled every piece of communication coming from the organization to reflect their commitment to transforming lives with relevant, life-changing materials. the result was a complete turn-around of the organization and a return to market leadership.

David C. Cook
David C. Cook Business Cards
David C. Cook Viewbook