As the internet has increased the difficulty of coming up with unique names, some of our clients come to us not just for a logo and branding, but also for a unique name. In this case, a backpack manufacturer that was making backpacks for major brands and store brands wanted to create their own brand for retail. With an overabundance of “outdoorsy” brands already on the shelf, we recognized an opportunity they could fill as a “global” brand. ful (pronounced fuel), with a clean, contemporary simple logo designed to stand out on the backpack and on the shelf, proved to be a perfect niche market for their product – now on the shelf in Target Stores nationwide and also at select Apple Stores.

Ful Logo
Ful Backpack- green
Ful Backpack-Blue
Ful Backpack- orange
FUL Catalog
FUL Catalog
FUL Ad 1
FUL Ad 2
FUL Ad 3