National Seating and Mobility is a national company based out of Nashville, Tennessee that creates custom wheelchairs for their clients to help them move through their lives in the best way possible. But their logo and communication materials did not communicate that idea well. They looked and felt like a manufacturing company when, in fact, they were all about people. Our job was to rebrand all aspects of the company to reflect their customer-centric focus and get the trade companies they work with for materials to create the chairs and the clients they serve excited about the possibilities NSM could open up for folks looking for more mobility. They have the solutions, we just needed to help them tell their story.


Movement is the theme of this company – keeping their clients mobile despite their circumstances. So we wanted the logo to reflect movement. And since they are very client-centric we wanted to include a human element. And their “product” is, in most cases, a wheelchair. A lot to try to include in a simple mark, as this needed to be as it is applied to mechanical parts along with the normal screen and print media. The new mark represents awheelchair in motion.The lowercase “n” representsthe national scope of the work they do. The bottom half is a person with uplifted arms meant to represent the company’s commitment to their clients And then, to finish it off, as tag line that summises what it’s all about – movement.





One of the very important things we needed to develop for NSM was sales collateral to get the trade excited about what they were doing and educate their potential customers about the lifelong advantages to working with NSM.



Lastly, but a really important piece of the branding campaign, was creating a video that announced to the trade audience the new commitment and new look of the company and explained in more detail their mission, values, goals and capabilities.



We created a special microsite for NSM to address the new branding and commitment to their customers.