The owners of The Bagel came to us with a unique idea. They wanted to revive a restaurant in Memphis that had originally been called “The Bagel” and catered somewhat to the Jewish neighborhood surrounding it. A restaurant that had since been through several owners and name changes. They wanted to somwhat resurrect the original concpet but expand it to create a New York-style Deli right in the heart of the South. Featuring authentically made bagels that taste like a classic New York neighborhood deli. And a few Southern favorites mixed in. So the branding needed to look, sound and feel like a classic New York neighborhood deli – but with a Southern twist.


For the primary logo, we explored some hand-lettering options to evoke the classic deli feeling. Putting it in a circle helped suggest a bagel shape and created a nice compact mark. We then paired it with a very condensed classic sans serif font to finish off the old-school city deli vibe. We also added a sub-line under to connect the current deli with the original. THe restaurant also features a “back porch” where they have a dedicated carry out area we dubbed “The Bagel Market” and created a sub-brand to be a companion with the primary mark.


In order to keep the brand consistent in the restaurant environment, where signage,coffee cups, aprons, sacks., to-go cups, etc. are being ordered by multiple people from multiple vendors, we created an easy to follow Brand Standards book. Fonts, colors and proper usage of the primary and secondary (market) logos are included.



One of the most fun parts of this branding project was combining the New York and Southern personaiities. What does that look and sound like? We created an Instagram /direct mail campaign that teased the anticipated opening and subsequent launch of this unique brand.



The Bagel wanted to make sure their new brand carried all throughout the restaurant, so we designed the cups, bags, apparel and packaging to give customers a consistent high quality and classic look and feel whether dining in or taking out.



The web site gave us a chance to explore the brand personality a bit – this combination of a New York-style deli with’ a Southern twist. Through headlines and the look and feel, we give our audience a glimpse into who we are. It also features the entire in-restaurant menu and to-go menu from the Market.